Middle School Open House

Join us on Tuesday, May 14 from 1:00 to 3:15pm.

Discover a middle school where students confidently embrace their own unique individuality, achieve high academic results, grapple with big & complex issues and collaborate effectively with peers. Visit classes and hear directly from students and teachers.

“Oak Meadow has been an incredible experience for our daughter. We have seen her really come out of her shell and make new friends and challenge herself in her learning. She even joined a theater production and put her whole heart into it! It was so moving to see her shining so quickly in her new school as a sixth year student.

She’s made great friends and loves talking about big ideas with them. She brings questions home to us that she’s pondering, and loves to connect with her friends at school and in the after-school programs. The opportunities for her to develop her self-motivated learning and individual initiative here at Oak Meadow have translated into greater confidence, greater social connection with others, and being more at ease with herself. We cannot say enough about what a great thing Oak Meadow has done for her!”

-Current Middle School Parent

“Oak Meadow graduates are actively engaged as learners. They perform at high academic levels. In this era of innovation and entrepreneurship, your graduates arrive here well prepared.”

-High School Admissions Director at an independent school

Here’s an opportunity to experience a middle school that will engage your child’s full potential!

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